Miscellaneous rantings…

This has been a long break from blogging. I am writing after, what, more than a month? Wow.

Evidently, I have been busy, and in the interim I have completed my second semester at Virginia Tech, found an adviser for my Ph.D., learnt what it is that I will be working on, and decided to go home for the summer!!

Yes, me going home, and for a long break of more than two months. I’ve been getting wide-eyed stares from anyone and everyone when they hear about the two-month bit, but I’d rather make the most of an opportunity for a long break – I might not get something like this later in my program!

Meanwhile, I still can’t get over the fact that we still need to carry a sweat-shirt with us for the chilly weather even at the end of May. It’s still 15 degrees Celcius (which is wonderfully pleasant), and sometimes a few degrees lower, and no signs of getting warmer. (Compare that to Kolkata at 42 degrees.)

But the best part of summer is: I don’t have to get up in the morning! Yaaaaaay!

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