ID for a bicycle?

I came across this today: the UP government, in a bid to curb terrorist activities, has decided that buying a bicycle will involve the same ID checks as getting a new cell phone connection.

Isn’t this stretching it a bit too far?

Three thoughts come to mind:

1. Something about bolting horses on the one hand (how many times does a terrorist outfit use a modus operandi that has been used before?), and

2. Extreme paranoia on the other (will they require ID for childrens’ bicycles too? Surely, if bombs can be packed on an adult bicycle, so can it be done on a childrens’ bicycle?).

3. Something about planning for scenarios. What happens if a bomber hires a cycle rickshaw, puts his ‘stuff’ on it, and asks the driver to wait while he ‘gets’ something important? How do you plan for that?

Wow. I wonder how far things like this will be stretched without looking at the practicalities.

4 thoughts on “ID for a bicycle?

  1. Perhaps, perhaps not! 😛

    The point was that the introduction of regulations, aimed at specific modus operandi for terrorist activities, might not really be enough steps. Something at a more basic level may be needed.

    Secondly, while making regulations, something akin to common sense, and a sense of being practical, is quite essential… 🙂

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