Oh India…

Tell me, how many aircraft carriers does the Indian Navy have presently?? Any idea? No? Well, the answer is One (Yes, ONE). And how many are patrolling the Indian waters? None – INS Viraat is undergoing refitting, and will be out of operation till mid-2009, at the minimum.

And India calls itself a major global power? Is this supposed to be even funny?

And there’s more… INS Viraat is 49 years old!! 49!!

When will India learn to plan ahead a little bit? We all know of hindsight; when shall we ever learn of foresight?

5 thoughts on “Oh India…

  1. Heh, I think the money on even a single aircraft carrier is perfectly good money down the drain.
    Why exactly do we need even one of those? I can’t foresee even one plausible situation where that would come handy.

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