Sourav-ish streak, anyone?

Does Mahendra Singh Dhoni remind anyone of Sourav Ganguly as captain? I seem to find the same cockiness, the same penchant of speaking his mind, of fighting for his squad and then backing them to the hilt… even the wittiness in speaking to the media while at the same time doing all the straight talking in the world.

And he’s been a good captain so far, at least to the extent of what is visible on the field. I think Dhoni shows the same aggressiveness that Sourav, and then Sehwag, displayed on the field, in terms of field settings. He is capable of looking ahead, and is not afraid to believe his instincts.

I think I will stick my neck out and say India is in good hands, once again.

3 thoughts on “Sourav-ish streak, anyone?

  1. As far as results go, Dhoni a good, aggressive captain as Saurav was (both have results to their credit) with a streak of obstinacy. But i feel the similarities end there. While Dhoni is as cool as perhaps Steve Waugh was, Saurav carried his heart on his sleeves; Dhoni is very judgmental, while Saurav was more inclusive. And most importantly, Saurav never displayed malice.

  2. Judgemental and malicious… interesting use of words there. While I cannot make a serious comment about Dhoni’s qualities in those respects (I have been away from home and have not followed Indian Cricket as closely as I would have liked to), but I am not sure I would attribute those qualities to him… at least, not yet.

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