How a car differential works…

This is for all budding Mechanical Engineers, who need to study kinematics and how a car differential works. This is both illuminating and lucid, a very good combination! (In fact, even if you are not a Mechanical Engineer, do check this out, it’s actually pretty cool).

The actual business end of the video starts after a while; till then, enjoy the motorbike tricks. 🙂

Thanks, Seby, for this (I found this on his blog).

10 thoughts on “How a car differential works…

  1. If u still remember the same was explained lucidly (without mathematics) in Hamilton Horth Mabie’s book in Kinematics of Machines. however, the lowered mainshaft was an addition for me which Hindustan Motors has not yet implemented in the Amabssadors of today

  2. @Abhimanyu: Dude, it’s not about me and you understanding. We’re professional mechanical engineers; we’re expected to understand. Mabie’s book explained it, but it still was a Kinematics book. Does anything about this video smack of kinematics to anyone who’s not a mechanical engineer? That’s why it’s great.

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