Tagged… again

I’ve been tagged… again. This time, it’s Puranjoy doing the deed. Anyway, here I go:

Life ten years ago

Ah… those were the good days. I’d already been away from Kolkata for a few years, and had got used to the very different life of where I was living. Even though many of the things that were a given at home were not there, it was a good life. Friends at school, lots of cricket, fun weekends (usually, there would be a get together of a few families, and I would get to stay up late, very late) – what more could a guy want? Yea, those were good days.

Life five years ago

2003. Cricket world cup at South Africa. Class XII Board Exams. Ill health. All rolled into one. It was a weird time, in the sense that I was not having a good time, because I really was not well physically (I was constantly on pain killers for two weeks, and on exam days I had to take the entire day’s quota of pain killers right in the morning so I could live through the three hour exam), yet I was having a good time, because I could see all the cricket matches completely (the matches were at night, and by then the pain killers for the day had usually worn off, so I had virtually zero chance of sleep anyway). World Cup 2003 was a great experience, except, of course, the final. That was the first world cup that I had seen properly (1992 I was too young, I don’t really remember anything about it; 1996, 1999 I was in a place where there was no cricket telecast) and Sourav Ganguly was Captain of India. And India reached the finals. What more could a guy want?

And then there was Jadavpur University. There are some places that hold a very special spot, and for me JU was one of them – three members of my family went there, and most importantly, that list included my Dad. Now I was studying there!! And JU has this knack of very quickly making you fall in love with it. It was my second home for four years, and five years ago was when it all began. Yes, it was special.

Life tomorrow

Ah… back to the present, eh? Well, spring break nears its end, and its time to slowly get back to the work. There are some assignments to be finished, a little bit of snooping around to be done in the world of research… basically, it’s slowly back to work. This has been a welcome break, though.

Five locations I would run away to

Why exactly would I run away?? If I had to go some place, and had the means to go there, I’d simply go, right? Anyway, five places I’d like to go:

  • Jeddah, where I spent 7 years of my childhood. It’ll be nice to see the changes since I’ve left.
  • Egypt, for the pyramids
  • Greece, because of the rich history that it is host to.
  • Moon, because it would be great to see the stars without the atmosphere clouding the view
  • Mars, because… well, because.

Five bad habits I have

  • I talk too much.
  • I stay up late too often.
  • I try to help on my own accord when I think a friend might need that help (and yes, it’s not always appreciated – may be I try to be too helpful?).
  • I can be very blunt with people sometimes – I am very bad at hiding my distaste for individuals (and yes, that’s a negative in today’s world)
  • And, um… well, I’ll leave this spot blank for you to tell me something that you don’t like about me. 🙂

Five things I will never wear

  • Shorts to class
  • Hair band
  • Tattoos (I am not sure this comes under ‘wear’, but anyway)
  • Orange pants
  • I really can’t think of anything else at this point, but I am sure there are things I’d say no to.

Five biggest joys at the moment

Nothing, really. I mean, there’s nothing that I am particularly overjoyed about.

Something to achieve by next year

Do some meaningful research. Get a driver’s license. Get a car.

Something that impacted me last year

Swati di died in a freak flash flood when she was on a mountaineering trip to Bagmundi. Life is cruel. She was too full of life to deserve to die. Equally, it’s up to us to look after our own safety. Ohh… that was in fact two years ago. It’s been two years already?

OK, about last year… my coming here to the US, and before that, the month of teaching that I did at my former high school. It was a good experience, I got raving feedback, I discovered that I enjoy teaching, and I made some great friends from among my students. The US experience has of course been very exciting. And I have enjoyed every moment of it, the highs and the challenges alike. I’ve had fun, it’s been a year full of learning experiences.

What I will miss about 2007

Home. The best friend who has since become only a friend (and I am not sure about that too).

Five things I want to do before I die

  • Live life.
  • Make a difference in one person’s life, so that someone will say that his/her life was better because I was part of it.
  • Observe the stars from atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
  • Drive a Formula 1 car.
  • Visit Jet Propulsion Lab, CalTech.

Time for me to tag someone. OK, I tag Sohini, Riya, Poorna and Sreetama.

Ciao, for now!

3 thoughts on “Tagged… again

  1. “Make a difference in one person’s life, so that someone will say that his/her life was better because I was part of it.”

    .. that’s a noble aim that i share too

  2. Ohh kottdin pore tomar ei blog tay elam. Nice to see that u’ve tagged me! I’ll do it soon after my exams! 😀 Visit my blog, I’ve another tag for u!

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