The first step

Check this out:

We all complain about the state of affairs everywhere. We all agree that the ‘system’ needs changing. Well, who is going to take the first baby steps?

How about me, you, … us?

3 thoughts on “The first step

  1. The above is a thought provoking blog but some day ago I saw an interview of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam where he was interacting with the children of various school across India. There all the children was enquiring and seeking answers regarding the detoriorating social conditions, economic matters and mostly our current state affairs. Dr kalam peacefully heard their doubts and accordingly answered them. But atlast He asked the question ” how many amongst you want to become nation’s future leader?” And believe me their was only three to four hands among the thousands of children…….To me the above add is a well thought & fabricated one but it is far from reality.Today we know how to demand right but are not eager to share our responsibilties.

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