I wish…

I wish I wasn’t me.

I wish I was more like so many people I see everyday, who are bothered only with meeting their own goals and aspirations, who are focussed with finding happiness only for themselves, who are utterly and blissfully oblivious to the fact that their pursuit of being content on the personal level might lead to others’ interests being jeopardized, others’ emotions being hurt.

I wish I could be so utterly oblivious to their needs, that they would find it useless to make me understand, and simply yield to let me have my way. That would at least ensure that I am contented, right?

I very much hope not. On second thoughts, I think I’d rather be just the way I am: aware (hopefully) of the needs and choices of the people around me, and having a bunch of people around me who I hope will not find ill things to say about me behind my back.

On second thoughts, I wish I remain just the way I am. I might be hurt once in a while by the kind of people I wrote about, I might even feel miserable about the way a ‘friend’ behaved… but at least I’ll have the comfort of knowing that my actions are not having the same effects on someone else. Hopefully.

3 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. *angry*
    why would you even have second thoughts about that?
    there’s nothing better than being good…other than…er…being the best.
    so there!
    on a serious note. you are great just the way you are Arnabda. no second thoughts about that.:)

  2. I know… it was more thinking about certain situations that made me write about that, than doubts about myself. I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to behave in a way that’s not me… So there! 😛

  3. Well, u r what u r & that should never change! U can’t have everything according to u. Remeber, it was u who said that u can only get hurt by the action of ur dear ones, rather than strangers or foes. So chill & take life as it comes! 🙂

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