My Salute to you, Mr Nikumbh…

I watched the latest Amir Khan production, Taare Zameen Par, today.

How is it that Mr Khan is able to reel off one piece of good cinema after another, consistently every time? How is it that every time we watch him we go ‘Wow’ at the end??

About the film itself, I think it was very important to bring out such subtleties in the life of a youngster, who has to go through all the rigours of life and yet is considered untroubled and carefree by the adults around him.

Why is it so difficult for people to realize that everyone is different, and everyone reacts differently to different stimuli? While one individual may be inspired to do well by simply being told about his future prospects if he performs, someone else might need that extra bit of goading to reach his potential! The entire system everywhere is built around streamlining everything, with the students coming out almost being “products” of the system. While I suppose this approach is quite unavoidable in the modern society, I am sure it is the responsibility of the teacher to bring her students to their full potential. That, certainly, is the primary job of a teacher: to inspire, to make her students feel good about being in class, to make them feel comfortable with new subjects! Just like we as adults are all different, we need to realize that our students are all very different, and we need to know what to do to inspire certain individuals.

Just like Mr Nikumbh of Tare Zameen Par amply demonstrates.

3 thoughts on “My Salute to you, Mr Nikumbh…

  1. I can see that you have feminised the ‘Teacher’.:D. yeah watched the film. Loved it. loved Amir for generously sharing his screen space with the wonder-kid Darsheel.
    And yes I feel teachers should take care of the child but the first teacher should be the child’s parents.

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