Love the man, Hate the man…

… But you can’t ignore the man… Sourav Ganguly is one of those people who are always in the limelight, always being talked about, whether he does well or not, whether the rest of the batting line up does well or not, whether the Team wins or not.

When he was out of the team, the debate was over whether he was good enough to be in the team. When he got back, it was about whether he deserved holding on to his spot. And now that he has scorched the charts, it’s about a depleted Pakistan bowling attack, and about his ability against the Australians, in Australia.

Why can’t people just leave him alone? He is in the Team, he has done well. Wish him luck, wish the team luck, and sit back with your fingers crossed and enjoy! Why malign him, why question his ability? There are six batsmen in the Indian lineup, why not talk about everyone with equal intensity?

The Pakistan double hundred was against a depleted attack, it seems. Why does no one remember the score line when he came in to bat? Why was it he who made the double hundred and not one of the remaining six? When Sourav Ganguly hits a hundred, it always seems as if his only hundreds are against Zimbabwe and Kenya… well, hasn’t hundreds against such minnows increased the hundred count and the averages of the other batsmen in the Indian lineup? The bowling attack remains the same, the pitch remains the same; if the No. 5 batsman hits a hundred and not one of the others, surely, it’s his credit and not the fault of the bowling attack??

When you question Sourav’s ability against Australia, why don’t you remember that he has a hundred at Austrialia’s second quickest pitch (the quickest being the WACA track at Perth) at the Gabba? There wasn’t Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne then; neither are they there now. The pace-man Brett Lee was there with all his pace, and Sourav was up to it. What’s your point, then, when you question? In comparison, Rahul’s and Sachin’s hundreds during 2003-04 only came at Adelaide and Sydney respectively, which are admittedly more spin friendly and low-bouncy, even admitted by the man Steve Waugh himself. Should these illustrious batsmen not be subject to the same scrutiny as well? No, they should not be, and I agree, because they are great batsmen, and true servants of Indian cricket.

Well, Sourav Ganguly has served Indian Cricket no less. Leave him alone. Let him bat. Enjoy the show. Through him, we are all living out a dream.

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