Setting new standards…

Mr Greg Chappell, congratulations: you’ve set yourself another standard.

After not knowing for two years how to behave with individuals, and sparking protests about your media interviews, you have shown once again what your attitude, and your sense of aesthetics, are.

Referring to this recent media report, and assuming you did say what you have been quoted as saying (knowing you, you wouldn’t miss the first opportunity to have a mic in front of your face, and say what-not about anyone and everyone; please forgive me if this was one of the exceptions that invariably prove the rule), I am appalled. Um… actually, no, I am not appalled. If this isn’t the quintessential you, then what is??

You’ve been coach of the Indian team; shouldn’t you know better than to speculate about their strengths and weaknesses? I’d have thought that it came under the most basic forms of courtesy to not undermine those you’ve worked with… and in fact might still be working with, considering you are still involved with the BCCI in an advisory role.

Sure, you are within your rights to talk of what people were like when you were in charge… but the point is you’re not in charge now; what exactly do you know of present state of things?? Have you, for example noticed something? Since you left, some of the people you had left out (with a golden mention of you-know-who) have come back and dominated, some of the people who were there in your team are back to performing as they were before you had arrived, and those you brought in, are, well… where exactly are they??

Do you even realize that anyone with the first idea about the world of cricket only give you a mocking smile when they read your take on Indian Cricket? I wonder why you agree to such pointless interviews… you know, better than anyone, how unpredictable cricket can be; indeed it was you who helped Sourav Ganguly with his technique before his magnificent 144 at Brisbane and when he was flooded with questions about chin-music!

Is it because the weight of your pocket increases with every such interview?? If that is so, Mr Chappell, it would explain why you felt at one point that finances are the first and major consideration of a certain Indian batting Great… after all, we tend to judge others based on our own way of thinking, don’t we??

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