B’Burg Diary: Changes in the air!

Blacksburg is fast shedding its leaves and putting on new colors.


This is the Fall season, perhaps the most beautiful of the seasons here. This is when the weather starts getting cooler and the trees start preparing for winter by slowly but surely shedding all its leaves. This phase has the absolutely beautiful side-effect of all the leaves taking on different shades on orange, red, yellow and even purple, giving the town an incredibly colorful outlook. Plus, as the leaves fall off, all the sidewalks, and bylanes are rendered an incredible mixed shade comprising all the leaves from these trees. Trust me, its beautiful.

Along with the Fall Colors, the weather has got pretty cool too. Even a few days back we could call the days warm and pleasant and the evenings cool, but the past few days have seen the mercury plummet to a minimum temperature of below freezing point! As I write this at 9.56pm, the temperature outside is 3C! This is of course just the beginning, with proper winter still to set in, but we are beginning to see the glimpses.

And the fun thing is we’re actually enjoying the cold! All wrapped up in jackets, this is a welcome change from the heat and humidity of good old home. I know, by the end of winter I’ll probably be singing a different tune, but why not enjoy it till it lasts!

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