B’Burg Diary: Classroom stuff…

You’ve probably been in some sort of a classroom right? At school, at college? Well, this might interest you then. The US classroom is a big difference from what we are used to back at home, and it’s pretty cool, actually… makes you wonder why things can’t be like this in India.

For one, we have actually gone back to pencils. Pens, or ink in any form, is not popular at all, and after a while I realized this is actually pretty logical. All classnotes, assignments, tests, homework, is done in pencil! The advantage: the ability to erase and make corrections quickly and efficiently. Pen usage inevitably leaves lots of scratch marks, and occasionally leave you short of writing space; with pencils that’s not a problem at all!! The stores are filled with a large variety of pencils and erasers, with only a small section of pens!

It’s ok to bring food and / or drink to class. A cup of coffee, or soft drink, along with a snack of some sort, is quite the usual sight! It turns out it doesn’t really distract from the lesson, or disturb the class, when you have a snack or coffee; on the contrary, it might actually help you stay awake at a class at the fag end of the day, especially if you haven’t had much sleep the past night! This is one funda that I find pretty cool, and something that can really quite easily be incorporated back home, right?

It’s ok for a class to be going on and for students to be staring into a laptop. Lots of people takes notes on the laptop, and many simply play games or surf the internet when they get bored in the class. I actually do both: some of my notes are on my laptop, and it’s also my way to stay awake when a class gets boring. Some of my friends have got used to getting a “I’m in class… tell me, what’s up?” kind of response when they say hello to me in an instant messenger. It turns out this kind of thing doesn’t ruin the studying atmosphere either. The idea is that I am taking a course because I want to, so my interest in the class is not in question… Had I not wanted to be in class, I wouldn’t be in class! If being online and chatting with friends helps keep myself awake and hear something of what’s going on, it’s actually helping me! As you will surely agree, some classes can get boring at times, and can get quite sleep inducing.

Might seem a little weird, but think about it: doesn’t it make for an interesting and fun class atmosphere?

3 thoughts on “B’Burg Diary: Classroom stuff…

  1. Hey this sounds really cool! This pencil eraser thing is logical! I remember in school(Anuradha maam’s class) she thrashed someone for using pencil by sating “Next time I want to see a pen in ur hand & not a pencil. My noted r not that cheap so that u can use pencil instead of pen):O
    Using laptop is really cool n now whenever I see u onl9 I see the time n I know what ur reply will b! 😛
    But bringing food n drnks is not that weired here. I’ve heard that this thing is quite common in JNU & DU even in JU! few days back in our class 2 girls came to class with cups of coffee in their hands, the prof didn’t say anything to them but started telling about her good old D School days!
    So things r changing n they’ll change in Indian classrooms also! 😀

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