Are we turning virtual?

I wonder, with the advent of the internet and everything being ‘virtualized’, are we ourselves becoming more attached to the virtual world?

I have this very close friend with whom I have shared all my stories – joys and sadnesses – for the past many years. Now we are both busy with our lives, we don’t get to meet as often as we used to, and of course the easy solution has been to keep in touch through emails and instant messaging. I’ve noticed very recently that of late we’ve become more comfortable having written conversations, than actual voice communication. When we talk over the phone, we are a little more laboured, thinking about exactly what we should be saying… whereas over the internet, with the written medium, we are much more free flowing with our thoughts… I wonder if that’s just because we’ve changed as people as times have changed, or is it really because of the radical change in the medium? It’s not really a question of the relationship having changed – we’re as good friends today as we used to be… if not better today than before – it’s just that the communication medium has changed drastically!

Are we becoming more comfortable not seeing someone’s face, not hearing someone talk, as we have a ‘conversation’? Are we, as a civilization, getting stuck to the monitor and the keyboard, using smileys to convey the emotions that once our facial muscles expressed, and gradually becoming more comfortable with the smiling yellow cartoon than with the human face that it has replaced?

It’s personally a big relief that I still miss seeing the smile on my friend’s face as we share an old joke… thankfully, I have yet not fallen, at least entirely, for the yellow thing with the big smile…

5 thoughts on “Are we turning virtual?

  1. talk about being virtual! yes I think thats what we have become.Me more than any one else possibly.
    *sad but wicked grin*-this is becoming idiosyncratic.

  2. Not me atleast….I communicate with my friends via net due to compulsion. Lack of time etc. etc. But I don’t feel comfortable untill n unless I meet the person in reality or atleast listen to them. When I chat with my friends, I don’t feel convinced whether they got the things correctly so I repeat the same things when I meet them or talk to them in reality. This world is deceptive, so they may get me wrong as same words have different meaning n it varies…
    But this is true that I get bolder or more straight forward in the virtual world. I can say NO directly on ther face(their chat window)& I take advantages of this virtual media in a no. of ways! So it’s 2 way round

  3. This reminded me that logo test you once made me take, in which I fared miserably 😛

    About this post, its pointless telling you how much I agree. Because you know that. Maybe one day we will be able to have good long chats face-to-face, without you having to make long distance calls only to confirm if I was really speaking in Bangla or not 😛


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