Scared Species?

Before you read this post, you might want to check this out, which this post is all about…

What is it with the Australian Cricket team, and the Australian media? Why does someone always have to make some comment or another about everyone in the opposite team? I would have thought that with the quality of the present Australian team, any under the belt tactics would not be used, would not be needed, to win cricket matches.

But no, all that you get to hear is Glenn McGrath blabbering about how Sachin, Sourav, Rahul, and any other batsman of repute in the Indian team will be sitting ducks to him, and how he would castle / york / induce a nick / … / … them to give their wickets up. There’d be something about chin music, there’d be something about old age, there’d be… Heck, it’s too big a list to write here.

The point here isn’t that the Indian team is the best in the world; it’s not. But why make unwarranted comments? It’s a cricket match, let it remain a cricket match!

Well, before you talk, Mr Ray Bright and Mr Rodney Hogg, why don’t you think for a minute? Remember 2001? Remember 2003-04? Remember the 20-20 championship a few days back? Remember getting hammered by a relative youngster called Yuvraj Singh? Remember the runs he made? Remember the number of balls he took to make those runs? Remember this was in South Africa, where the pitches are quicker than in India? Remember that the Stuart Clarke you’re talking about was in that match? Remember Brett Lee was there as well??

Nah, I’m sure you don’t…

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