I’m not sure how this goes, but my friend Sohini recently told me she has ‘tagged’ me. What’s that, I asked, and was told that it means I have to write 8 things about myself on my blog…Well, why not? It’s nice to introspect once in a while, yes? It’s nice to try to put words together about oneself, for a change… we are constantly describing others, so why not myself for a change?

Well, I discovered when trying to type this piece, that describing myself was turning out to be writing about my strengths, those qualities that define me as a person, and my weaknesses, which, well, detract from my personality, and which I’d rather work on improving.

Well, my negatives (as perceived my me) are not for public consumption. If I do have negative qualities that I am aware of, I would much rather work on them, than write about them. The world is full of people trying to speak ill of everyone else anyway, and why, pray, would I give them a free hand??

And I don’t think my strengths (at least, what I think are my strengths) are meant to be paraded on my own blog. My strengths are for others to recognize and appreciate, not for me to harp on.

Sorry, Sohini, but I am not good at ‘Tagged’.

3 thoughts on “Tagged?

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