My maternal grandma recently took an audacious tourist trip… to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore… She was not keeping the best of health, yet she was bold enough to go with a friend of hers… Of course it was with a tourism operator, SOTC, yet she was “alone”, with none from her own family accompanying her…

Well, she is back, and it’s a treat to simply watch the expressions on her face as she describes her tour!! The hotels, the food, the tours, the air travel, the scenery… it’s all there, right there on her face…

Remember the Mastercard ad??

Well, it’s true… To watch your elders become children again: Priceless!!

3 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. grandmamas are such lovely persons no? pity i never saw my maternal paternal granny was a doll!!and she was a child!

  2. my experience with grandparents and children have been nothing of the sort one reads about. i am singularly repelling to both, for some very vague reason!

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