Priceless, v2.0

Talking of things, moments, and people priceless, see this post from a friend of mine…

This is one of those posts that you can read again and again, and feel very good every single time…

Priceless: the subject of the post, and to a lesser degree the post itself…

3 thoughts on “Priceless, v2.0

  1. yes, i agree. i had forgotten to comment on sohini’s post about this, who is, in all appropriate way, a Little Miss Sunshine herself 🙂

    Ok, Arnab’da, this is your blog after all. but i don’t know if calling you ‘little miss sunshine’ would be appropriate.

  2. Why would you call me that?? 😮

    Think about all the words in that description… find any that match me?? 😉

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