A farcical test…

I had my driving test today, at the Motor Vehicles Department…

I had hoped that the test would be a genuine affair, with perhaps an inspector asking us to do a bit of driving on our own… Well, I know this is India, and moreover this is West Bengal, yet I had hoped for a semblance of sincerity… after all, this is the driving test; this is about road safety!!!

Guess what… I was wrong… This was the most farcical test that I have ever been witness to. I was actually behind the steering wheel (one of the few who were actually behind the wheel; many never even got into the car), but even then, an instructor from my training school was with me, and to ensure there was no chance of a mess-up, even the remotest one, he practically did all the driving!! He overrided the clutch and brake, and asked me to simply keep the accelerator at an appropriate position…

It was disgusting!! It’s my test, and can’t I even expect to have a decent go at it??

Yes, I agree, mostly the training institutes make sure the candidates are genuine, that they indeed know driving…

But what of the small fraction who get in unwarranted??

2 thoughts on “A farcical test…

  1. driving test was farcical too, but in a different way. they let me handle all controls, which is why i actually rammed into another car and damaged it quite a bit.

    makes me wonder, did they decide to take the controls away from examinees after what i did to their cars??

    who is to know.

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