Guess what…Australia are champions of the world again. As far as cricket is concerned, at least!!

Yesterday was the World Cup final, and as has become customary, they simply demolished their opponents, the Sri Lankans. The same Sri Lankans, who were thought to be the only ones capable of giving the Aussies some resistance, the same Sri Lankans with the well balanced team, yes, the same ones with four quality wicket taking bowlers. Well, what happened? Australia piled 281 runs in 38 overs!! Thanks to the brilliance of a certain Adam Gilchrist, who hammered 149 runs off 100-odd balls.

How is it that anyone facing Australia simply loses it? A team plays well throughout the tournament, and when faced with the Australians, they simply crumble?? This is what happened to India in the last World Cup final, and this is what has happened to Sri Lanka in this one. Why?

Isn’t there any team who can actually beat these guys?? And I’m not talking about inconsequential bilateral series, such as the one that New Zealand won a few weeks before the Cup. In big tournaments, when it matters, where are the players?

Where is the rest of the world? Will the real challenger stand up please??

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