"The Innocent Man"

Well, that’s the title of the latest John Grisham novel… only, this is his first work of non-fiction. And guess what, he turns out to be as good with reality as with fiction!

It’s an amazing read, and made even more so by the fact that it’s all true… It sometimes makes you shiver at what all can go wrong, sometimes makes you distraught at the inefficiency of the “system”, and always keeps you glued to the book.

This is one book that we should all read, if only to get ourselves out of the comfort zone of the idea that the legal system and police work is always, or at least mostly, right. Perhaps it is mostly right… but maybe not as mostly as we would like.

Perhaps we should also consider if every undergraduate course should include a basic course on Law, and legal procedures. Just as we are given courses on Sociology, Economics, and Accountancy as part of our Engineering coursework (albeit, just the basics), maybe there should also be something on Law.

After all, we are all required to stay within the law at all times, and being unaware of our legal rights and privileges can sometimes put an innocent man to great danger…

As this novel proves chillingly.

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