A wonderful film, and a ‘No comments’ one!!

When I used to study at International Indian School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, there used to be numerous quotations or moral remarks displayed on the walls of the corridor. I particularly remember one such message: “Speak well of your friends; of the rest say nothing”. I have since modified the saying, for myself, to: “Speak well of whoever or whatever you admire or like; of the rest say nothing”.

Recently I had occasion to watch two new Hindi Films. One of them, Guru, is simply a wonderful film. I am no expert on film-making, nor do I call myself a film-buff. Nevertheless, I will venture to say that Guru represents everything that good cinema should probably have: a good story; a great script to tell that story; wonderful actors who can bring the characters to life; music that is germane to the situations in the film, and melodious and mesmerising at the same time; and great camera work.

Abhishek Bachchan sizzles as Gurukant Desai; Aishwarya does well as his supporting wife; Mithun da, Madhavan and Vidya Balan form a very competent supporting cast. Guru is simply one film that should not, must not, be given a miss.

The other film that I saw was Bhagam Bhag, about which I will venture to say nothing.

One thought on “A wonderful film, and a ‘No comments’ one!!

  1. Achha, Guru khub bhalo hoyechhe seta nahoy bojha gelo but Bhagam Bhag er byaparta thik bujhlam na! Ota kotota kharap ba kotota bhalo j no comments status peye gelo tomar theke???:o

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