A Birthday Gift…

I recently completed my Twenty Second year of being on Planet Earth.

As is customary, everybody who remembered the date made it a point to wish me on my achievement, and to wish me success in my coming years as well. But the best birthday gift that I got was from a very close friend.

She thanked me for being her friend, for being somebody that she can trust… she thanked me for being who I am. That was the most wonderful gift that I could have ever imagined to get. Because that is ultimately what everyone strives for, isn’t it? That he be loved for who he is, that he be liked for the way he makes others feel. That, to me, is the biggest success in life, much more than the fame and the fortune that we all run after.

Thank you, dear friend, for what you gave me on my birthday. I have one more thing to ask for, though. Pray that I may grow to be a better human being.

3 thoughts on “A Birthday Gift…

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